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We went to BCC to look for a truck for my husband. Yes, I read a couple reviews but people can be a little over the top sometimes so we just took the 1.5 hour drive and looked. Hubby found just the truck he was looking for and we talked about it then agreed to buy it. I put $2000.00 down that day. Were they professional? No. Was it a huge deal to me at this point? Again no. I was told the truck would be delivered within 2 days. Then the BS began.

I called and was told that the truck was still being checked over and it would be a couple more days 17 times. I left 22 messages and 2 emails that were never returned. I spoke with someone via phone 63 times. Where did this all get me? Nowhere. (Yes I am exacting and yes I kept track) The crux of this issue was that there was a part that they couldnt find used and a new part would be $1200. Im sorry but I entered into a contact and whether it cost 2 or 1200 is immaterial. So...I give up and call, leaving a message (again) that I am coming (another day off from work) to void the contract. When I arrived, they rushed to tell me the part was ordered and the truck would be delivered on Wednesday. I take another deep breath, compose myself, and agree. I get a call on Wednesday that the part came in just that day and the truck is fixed. Hurrah! I'm told that it will be delivered tomorrow morning first thing...

It's Thursday, 4:45 pm, my husband sat at home all day long and they just dropped it off a half hour ago at my work because they couldnt follow the directions on the folder.


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