Dover Foxcroft, Maine

I went to BCC because I really needed a car to get to work. i went there and I found a 01 Santa Fe n loved it but it wasn't serviced yet but i knew that santa fe were nice and that i really wanted one they were nice cars and it was Automatic 4 wheel drive, it fit all the things i was looking for in car.

So i bought it, they told me that they might be able to get it but throw the shop today so i could take it home. I live 1 hour away and wasn't going to be able to make it up the next day. So i waited around for 4 hours for it to be done and then i ended up calling and they said it wasn't going to be ready until the next day, Friday.

So the next morning i called to see if it was possible to get my car because my manager was letting me off early to specifically to get my new car. they said it wouldn't be ready call tomorrow.

So i called the next day and i left 2 messages and called the service department 6x and then i finally got someone in the sales department told me that the service was closed on saturday. Call monday.

Monday came i called and they told me it needed a factory part for the car they were waiting and it would be in latest wednasday. So i called Wednasday, left messages, called 3 or 4x no one called me back on the day they told me it would be finished.

i called thursday and i demanded to know when my car would be done they said it needed a starter it would be in monday.

No one called me back all the times the i called monday and tuesday.

Wednasday i went in with my mom and i demanded me car or i was canceling my loan and wanted my down payment back. and they told me it would be ready.

So i went in to get the car and it wouldn't start to made an awful grinding sound. i lost it. i told them i was done with them, then the owner came out and told me i could take the 02 santa fe its the "same thing a year newer" they just got in for the same price. and it would be done tomorrow

So the next day xmas eve i picked it up. 49 days later the timing belt broke and the engine seized, and the transmission failed. BCC and the Warranty Company refuse to fix it. and to fine out the my car wasn't 4 wheel drive. i would have never known because its supposed to be automatic.

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